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Parents guide to Relationship and Health education

The government has just published guidance on Relationship and Health education which will be a statutory part of the curriculum from September 2020. This guidance is available on our website, under: Curriculum/Relationship and Sex Education


We have already started to work with parents to consider what our curriculum should look like for our children. In our recent parents’ survey, 95.3% of the parents who responded stated that they would like school to provide ‘sensitive and age appropriate’ sex education. 


Parents worked with senior leaders during our recent Parents' Forums meeting to consider what this might look like and what content they considered to be more appropriate for secondary school. It was interesting to see the many similarities between the sets of parents and it was also very interesting to discuss the common areas which were parents thought should be consistently developed throughout a child’s time in school. These included:

  • Families: they are important because they give love and security. Others’ families, either in the school or the wider world, sometimes look different but they share the same charactistics of love and security.
  • Feeling positive about ourselves and our body.


Our next step is to undertake the same exercise with our staff in a training session on the 9th July as we start work to develop an appropriate curriculum and policy.


Please note, that as sex education is not compulsory, parents will always have the right to withdraw their child/ren. However, we hope that by working with parents, staff and governors that we will develop a ‘sensitive and age appropriate’ curriculum for all of our children and families.


Please contact me via the Junior school office if you would like any further information.


Miss. Harcup

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