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What do the children learn?

Activities for Forest Schools are diverse and numerous but it should be reminded that we are trying to create independent learners who are inspired to try out their own ideas, explore their own interests and to attempt new ideas.


We teach the children a progression in knowledge and skills and provide them with a range of opportuntities to remember and do more. You can find our progression in Forest Schools below.  


Some activities might include:


  • Shelter building

  • Fire lighting

  • Tool use

  • Studying wildlife

  • Playing team and group games

  • Sensory activities

  • Tracking games

  • Cooking on an open fire

  • Using a Kelly Kettle

  • Rope and string work

  • Art and sculpture work

  • Woodland and traditional craft

  • Developing stories and drama, and meeting imaginary characters

  • Physical movement activities.

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