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Junior school PTFA

PTFA UPDATE - October 2023

A message from our PTFA (March 2023)


The Parents, Friends & Teachers Association (PTFA) will be holding an Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 27 March at 7pm.


The AGM is held annually to review the previous year's PTFA activities including the Treasurer's report, to elect new officers and to adopt any constitutional changes. Everyone can come along to the AGM! This will be held virtually and a link will be sent closer to the time.


So, join us to listen to the PTFA committee updates and help in the election process of committee members. We would love to organise many more fantastic events and fund raise as much as possible to help our lovely children and support the school. But we can only make that happen with your support by being part of the PTFA journey.


The varied work we do means there’s something for everyone – it’s not just about being on the committee! Learn about the school and how it works, get to know the teachers, parents & have some fun. So, if you are only able to support us in a voluntary capacity please email us too!


Please do get in touch with us:

PTFA Update - September 2019



As of September 2019, the two PTFAs will be merging to create ONE PTFA for both the Infant and the Junior Schools. We feel that this will be an opportunity to bring together skills and experience from both committees and enable us to create a more cohesive programme of fundraising and events which will particularly help teachers and parents with children at both schools. It will also enable us to put in grant applications for both schools should we feel this appropriate.


In September, all officers will stand down from both committees and anyone can put themselves forward as an officer or committee member for the new joint PTFA. It is anticipated that in order for events to be run at the individual sites, there will be sub committees who will have ownership over particular events. In principle, there shouldn’t feel as if there is a huge difference, other than an increase in resources.


The joint committee will hold their first meeting on Wednesday 9th October 6.00pm - 7.00pm at the Junior School site.  At this meeting we will welcome new members and can hopefully fill the committee positions and start planning and fundraising for this year!  Please come along to find out more and support us to continue fundraising for our school.

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