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Relationships & Sex Education

At All Saints' we want to enable our children and provide them with the skills and knowledge to develop a healthy mind, body and relationship with themselves and the world around them.

More than ever before, children are exposed to different representations of relationships, with themselves and others, throughout social media and the social culture around them. At All Saints', we want to enable our children to develop positive, meaningful relationships with themselves and others. Our progressive, spiral curriculum was created following consultations with members of the school community (including parents, children and staff) to ensure it meets the needs and wishes of all.


During the consultation phase, 95% of parents also wished for their child(ren) to be taught sensitive and age-appropriate sex education content with 99.4%  of 340 parents stating they were happy with the final draft RSE curriculum and policy. In a recent review, following teaching during the summer of 2021, 98% of respondents stated that they were happy that the curriculum meets the needs of their child.  


When children leave All Saints', we expect them to have achieved and gained an understanding of all of the agreed national expectations. Key learning and objectives in Relationships Education are organised using the following headings:


  • Families and people
  • who care for me
  • Caring friendships
  • Respectful relationships
  • Online relationships
  • Being safe


Children at All Saints' also benefit from our Personal, Social and Health Education curriculum (PSHE) and our planned programme of Collective Worship.


Relationship and sex education curriculum at All Saints'

Staff training 9th July 2019

Children's throughts on what they would like to learn in RSE July 2018 (Year 4 & 5)

Parents' Forum 13th June 2019 - sequencing expectations

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