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Dear parents,

If your child is one of the few who has been offered a childcare place while both schools are closed, and you have indicated this is because you are a key worker who does not have alternative care provision for your child while you are at work, you will be required to evidence why both you and your partner's work (if appropriate) is critical to the COVID-19 response. This could be your work rota for critical workers. 


The principle of mass school closure is clearly to keep as many children out of school as possible, to help stop the spread of the virus. If there is a non-critical worker in the family, or childcare arrangements can be made elsewhere, it is expected that these alternatives are exhausted before considering taking a limited childcare place in a school. Once again, I attached a flow chart to help you make the right decision for the safety of your children and for the safety and welfare of our staff, their families and the wider community.


If you are forced to use the place because both parents are undertaking critical work, then please bring your child to our Junior school (please note the Infant school site is completely shut until further notice). Please provide all the following and note that your child cannot be left with us if this information is not provided:


  • Details of the critical jobs of both parents and the times of work/shift details.
  • Contact details for both employers. Senior leaders at Derby Diocesan Trust will contact both employers to ensure that both jobs are CRITICAL to the COVID 19 response.
  • Emergency contact numbers for both parents. Parents and guardian MUST check phones every hour. If your child becomes ill, you MUST come and collect them immediately.

This principle also applies to children who are vulnerable. Whilst there is a space, if your child can be at home then they should be cared for by their parent/carers etc.


Thank you for your support with our efforts to ensure school care is only used as a last resort. It is important that we all work together in our aims to keep our children, staff and everyone’s families safe.

Many thanks,

Mr. O'Connell

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