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Keeping our children safe is our number one priority


Safeguarding arrangements at All Saints' Federation of schools is underpinned by three key principles:


- Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility: all staff, governors and volunteers play their full part in keeping our children safe.


- All Saints' Federation of schools operates a child-centred approach: a clear understanding of the needs, wishes, views and voices of children.


- All staff, governors and volunteers have a clear understanding regarding abuse and neglect in all forms; including how to identify, respond and report. This also includes knowledge in the process for allegations against professionals.  All staff and several governors undertook safeguarding training in September 2018. 


Governors closely oversee the school's work and monitor the annual S175 Safeguarding audit which the federation of schools undertakes. An update is provided to All Saints' governors on a termly basis.


Our lead governor for safeguarding is Sally Theakston. 


If you have any concerns or queries then please contact any of our trained Designated Safeguarding Leads via e-mail:



Role Name DSL/Safeguarding Training
Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead Ben O'Connell

13.9.17 & 4.9.18

Safer Recruitment: 11.8.17

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Cath Lee

22.11.17 & 4.9.18

Safer Recruitment: 8.1.19

EY & Key Stage 1 DSL Bethany Simpson 18.10.18
EY & Key Stage 1 Safer Recruimtent Sophie Ferguson Safer Recruitment: 3.3.19
Year 5 & 6 DSL Jon Abbott 8.2.19 & 4.9.18
Additional Designated Safeguarding Lead Paul Clark

Safer Recruitment: 21.12.18

Safeguarding Lead Governor Sally Theakston


Safer Recruitment: 14.1.18

Channel: 20.9.18

PREVENT: 23.9.18

Chair of Governors Jo Smith


Channel: 26.9.18



All of our staff, governors, students and volunteers are well trained and receive a thorough induction. Records of this are retained by All Saints'.


Safeguarding Portfolio: statutory requirements and non-statutory advice

Single Central Record


All Saints' keeps a secure Single Central Record in line with the stautory guidance detailed in Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018.


As part of our safeguarding practices, the Single Central Record is reviewed termly with the results shared with All Saints' governors.


Date of check Comments Date of next check

Both Single Central Records were compliant.

  • Both school sites were using the new proforma (in line with KCSIE 2018 and All Saints' SCR policy).
  • Updated details of new teaching member at the junior site.

Both Single Central Records were compliant.

  • Updated details of students;
  • Updated details of new staff member at the infant site;
  • Updated governor details

Both Single Central Records were compliant.

  • Details of all new students have been added (5 students joined All Saints' on the 7th January 2019);
    • New governor details have been added with previous governors placed onto appropriate section.
Week commencing: 28.2.19
Week commencing: 25.2.19

Both Single Central Records were compliant.

  • Details of all new students have been added (4 students joined All Saints' on the 2nd February 2019);
    • A teacher's DBS had been renewed.
5th March 2019 (undertaken by HT and our safeguarding governor)

Both Single Central Records were compliant.


Next steps: report to FGB on 19th March 2019

Week commencing: 1.4.19


SCR Reviews by our governors

Our safeguarding policies: approved on 25th September 2018



All of our safeguarding policies are reviewed by the school's Full Governing Board annually and shared with all staff and volunteers (including our university trainee teachers).


The policies are federation policies and apply to both the Infant school and to the Junior school.


Our main Child Protection and Safeguarding policy contains key information on how we handle safeguarding concerns across both schools, as well as specific information and guidance on issues such as peer-to-peer concerns.


If you have any concerns or queries then please contact our school DSLs via e-mail:

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