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Why do we teach R.E.?


R.E. teaching encourages our children to:

  • explore big questions;
  • understand the impact of faith on the lifestyles of those with and without beliefs;
  • discover how people of faith would express their faith and explain their ideas. 


Our progressive R.E. curriculum is designed to help children to understand and engage with Christianity and to also understand and respect those of all faiths or none.


What do we explicitly teach?


We use a combination of Understanding Christianity and the Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus and have drawn up a clear, progressive, long term R.E. curriculum plan for All Saints'. 



Religions to be studied in depth 

Early Years and Key Stage 1 

(Years 1 and 2) 




Key Stage 2 

(Years 3, 4, 5 and 6) 






We use lots of practical experiences and the children visit places of worship including Derby Cathedral, the Mosque and the Mandir and also meet people of faith from different communities. 


We work together with The Open Centre and the Diocese of Derby so that children can gain the widest understanding of the diverse society in which we live.

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