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Lockdown Procedure

Information for Parents

All schools are advised to have Lockdown procedures in the case of dynamic emergencies.

Both of our schools have a comprehensive policy covering such a situation. It is important that all parents have guidance on what they could expect if there were a Lockdown in progress. Obviously, such emergencies would all present unique challenges, and All Saints’ would be obliged to follow guidance from the relevant emergency services which may differ from the information below. However, we hope the summary of our procedures below are helpful to you in knowing what you and your child/ren could expect.

Procedural information for Parents

Should a lockdown occur, it is advised that developments are communicated to parents / guardians as soon as is practicable and in some cases in agreement with the emergency services. We will do this via our ParentMail system.


Parents will be naturally be concerned, anxious and all accurate information releases will assist to alleviate undue anxiety.

All Saints’ main priority is always the safety and welfare of its pupils, and dealing with the immediate situation. However, we will endeavour to ensure that parents / guardians are given enough clear information to enable you to understand the potential outcome and possible time frames so that you:

  • Are reassured that the school / emergency services understands your concern for their child’s welfare, and that everything possible is being completed to ensure their safety.
  • Please refrain from directly calling either school office. Calling either school will tie up telephone lines that will be required to be used by the responsible person and the emergency services.
  • DO NOT attend either school site. This may interfere with the emergency provider’s access / investigation and may put themselves and others in danger.
  • Parents should wait to be contacted about when it is safe to collect their children.
  • Please wait patiently until a safe and satisfactory outcome has been achieved and agreed by all parties, where a designated safe area will be identified for the safe handing over of the pupils to their parents / guardians.
  • Parents will be informed if the lockdown is likely to continue beyond normal school hours.
  • If parents do come to the site, under no circumstances will members of staff leave the building to communicate directly with them.


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