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Letters 2015-2016

Parent drop in on Wednesday 20th July


Parents have 2 book able evenings during the year, plus 2 reports. The 'drop in sessions' that Mrs Henson has written on the newsletter and staff who have added to the parent info sheets are by no means mandatory and staff from Foundation Stage to y5 will have approached parents if they feel they could do with a chat before the next school year (from the teacher's perspective) and then drop in means literally that. There's no pressure to be there, unless you need clarification on something written in your child's school report...simply a good will gesture from the staff to give some time and parents the chance to talk. There will be an opportunity to sign up to a drop in on Wednesday evening up to 5pm, it may be just a quick question that you have but to give us some idea of the number of parents your name can be added to the sheet in the infant hall from Monday.


Thank you

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