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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Indigo Class


Thank you for helping the children collect materials ready to make our boats. We have tested them to find out which are the best materials for the job. We are now in the process of building and after that we will launch them to see which ones will float...look out for the finished products!



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The children seem to be enjoying the Homework Challenges that we are sending home, thank you for supporting your children with them.


Blue Class


We are enjoying learning about our new topic "Explorers and Wonders of the World". 

Thank you to all of those who completed their homework projects on the 7 wonders, we have enjoyed listening to these during class.


In literacy Blue have been busy writing their own Sinbad Adventures. They have worked hard to make their writing interesting by including verbs, adverbs, adjectives and similes. They have also worked hard to use their slide ups and keep their tall letters tall and small letters small! 

Well done Blue!


In Maths, it's been all about the money! Blue have enjoyed finding out which coins can be used to make the same amount, how to find a total and to solve problems, including giving change.

I hope you have all been using your super money skills when you have been to the shops?


Challenge 1: Can you solve these calculations?

12p + 5p =

25p + 33p = 

£1.32 + £3.00 =


Challenge 2: At the weekend, Miss Bridges bought a hairbrush for £2.50 and a book for £1.50. How much did she spend? She paid with a £5 note, how much change did she get?



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